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What Jobs Can I Give My Australian Shepherd? Task Options

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, trainability, and love of work. As herding dogs, they excel at activities that require focus, agility, and obedience, such as herding trials, obedience competitions, and agility training. Additionally, they can be great candidates for other jobs like search and rescue, therapy dog work, or even movie or TV roles! By providing your Australian Shepherd with plenty of opportunities to use their physical and mental skills, you can give them a fulfilling, rewarding life.

Are you the proud owner of an Australian Shepherd? If so, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your pup busy and engaged.

One great way to do this is by giving them a job! From herding sheep on farms to competing in agility courses, there are plenty of activities that these dogs can be trained to do. Whether you’re looking for something low-key or more challenging, Australian Shepherds have the intelligence and drive needed to make great workers.

Read on for some ideas about what jobs you can give your Aussie!


For herding, an Aussie’s the perfect pick; they’re born to round ’em up quick.

Australian Shepherds have a natural affinity for the job that’s been bred into them over centuries. Their intelligence and drive make them excellent herders for any type of livestock, from sheep to cattle to poultry. They excel at flock management and pasture care, making sure all animals are safe and in their proper place.

Aussies have a strong work ethic, so they’ll take herding seriously. They can be trained to recognize different commands such as “go left” or “turn right” while moving a herd of animals from one location to another. Plus, they understand when it’s time to call it quits for the day; just give your pup a simple command like “that’s enough for now” and he will stop working immediately.

Since Australian Shepherds were bred specifically as working dogs, they love having something to do and excel at herding activities like keeping animals in line or chasing strays back into formation.

They stay focused on the task at hand and respond quickly when needed—so you can rely on your pup to handle whatever comes his way without hesitation or distraction.

It’s no wonder why shepherds around the world turn to Aussies as their go-to breed when looking for reliable help out in the field—their intelligence and obedience make them true masters of herding!

With proper training and lots of positive reinforcement, your Aussie will be well prepared for any type of livestock management challenge you throw his way.


You can challenge your Aussie’s athleticism and mental agility with activities like obstacle courses, weave poles, and more! Agility is an exciting activity that tests a dog’s physical ability to move through an obstacle course while following commands from their handler. It is also a great way for an Australian Shepherd to get some exercise while socializing with other dogs and people. This kind of activity will bring out their natural intelligence and help them learn how to focus on the task at hand.

Agility also helps build your Aussie’s confidence and trust in you as their handler. With practice, they’ll learn how to navigate the obstacles quickly and accurately, all while learning the commands that will lead them through each part of the course.

Scent work is another fun activity that challenges Aussies mentally by having them search for hidden objects using smell alone. This helps sharpen their senses and encourages problem-solving skills.

Overall, agility training provides both physical stimulation as well as mental stimulation for your Australian Shepherd. It’s a fun way for them to stay active, build confidence, bond with you, improve obedience skills, and become more familiar with different surroundings – all while providing plenty of opportunities for treats along the way!

With enough practice, they can even compete in agility competitions against other dogs! By introducing these kinds of stimulating activities into your routine with your Aussie Shepherd, you can be sure they’ll look forward to spending time with you every day. Obeying commands during agility activities will provide a solid foundation as they transition into more advanced obedience training exercises down the road.

Obedience Training

Let’s start with the basics. Obedience training involves teaching your Australian Shepherd basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel.

Once your pup has mastered these basics, you can move on to more advanced tricks such as roll over or playing fetch.

Training sessions should be consistent and positive to ensure that your pup learns properly and enjoys their obedience training experience.

Basic Commands

Working on basic commands is a great way to start getting your pup acquainted with more complex tasks! Training your Australian Shepherd using positive reinforcement is the best method as it helps build trust and confidence between you and your pup.

With the help of treats, praise, verbal cues, and body language, you can teach them simple commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down” or “come”. Doing this also helps to improve their socialization skills so they become comfortable around people and other animals.

Additionally, teaching these basic commands will set them up for success when learning more advanced tricks in the future.

Advanced Tricks

Once your pup is comfortable with basic commands, it’s time to take their skills to the next level by teaching them more advanced tricks!

From herding and agility to obedience training, there are a variety of fun activities for you and your pup to enjoy. Scent work and tracking games can be great ways for you and your pup to work together while learning valuable skills.

As you progress through these activities, your pup will learn how to follow scents and track objects over long distances. You may even want to consider enrolling in search and rescue classes that can provide further enrichment for both you and your pup.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue is a great way to challenge an Australian Shepherd’s physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. It’s a stimulating activity that allows the Aussie to use their natural herding abilities while also developing problem-solving skills. Here are three reasons why it’s a beneficial job for an Australian Shepherd:

  1. It exposes them to different environments.
  2. It promotes strong communication between handler and dog.
  3. It encourages them to use their natural search strategies and scent work skills.

With some guidance from experts, Australian Shepherds can be trained in search and rescue techniques such as tracking scents on land or in water, locating missing persons or objects by searching buildings, or finding evidence of criminal activity using air scenting detection methods.

Training your Aussie for search and rescue tasks will give them confidence in their own abilities while providing you with peace of mind knowing they have the capability to help protect your family in any situation that may arise. With proper training, Australian Shepherds make excellent additions to any search and rescue team – both professionally and privately operated ones – due to their keen sense of smell, intelligence, loyalty, energy level, agility, strength and ability to learn quickly.

By giving your Aussie this kind of job, you can ensure they’re getting plenty of exercise while also learning how to focus on commands even when there are distractions present; essential traits for any therapy dog too!

Therapy Dog

An Australian Shepherd’s intelligence, loyalty, and energy level make them perfect for the rewarding job of being a therapy dog – providing comfort to those in need.

Therapy visits involve an Australian Shepherd accompanying their trained handler to visit hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and other locations where emotional support is needed. The role of the dog is to provide companionship and comfort by allowing people to interact with them through petting, talking to them, or simply having the animal nearby.

These visits are focused on providing therapeutic benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving moods.

In order for an Australian Shepherd to become a certified therapy dog they must pass obedience tests that demonstrate their ability to remain calm in various situations like crowded environments or when interacting with many different people. Additional training may also be required depending on the environment they will be entering into.

The successful completion of these tasks allows an Australian Shepherd’s natural abilities shine through – providing comfort and joy to those who need it most. However, it is important to remember that not all dogs have what it takes – therefore selecting an appropriate temperament is essential before beginning any type of training program.

Therapy visits are a great way for owners and their Australian Shepherds to get involved in giving back to their community while strengthening their bond with each other. Through this experience both parties can take away a sense of fulfillment knowing that they have helped bring smiles and happiness into someone else’s life – something that only true friendship can accomplish.

Dog Sports

You and your Australian Shepherd can have a blast together participating in exciting dog sports such as herding, agility, and obedience! These activities are not only fun for you both but also provide an outlet for their natural energy.

Depending on the individual goals of each team, there are various dog sports to choose from:

  • Flyball — A relay race between teams of dogs where they must jump over hurdles, catch a ball from a spring-loaded box, and return it back to their handler.
  • Dock diving — Dogs compete by running down a dock and jumping into a pool of water as far as possible.
  • Herding — Dogs use their natural instinct to herd sheep or cattle around an obstacle course or pen.
  • Agility — Teams navigate through an obstacle course together with jumps, tunnels, weave poles, etc., competing against the clock for the fastest time.

Obedience training is another great way to bond with your Australian Shepherd while working on commands like sit/stay/come that will come in handy outside of competitions too!

With all these options open to you and your pup, it’s easy to find one that works best for your individual needs and interests. So, get out there and start having some fun with your canine companion!


You can give your Australian Shepherd plenty of jobs to keep them busy and happy.

Herding, agility, obedience training, search and rescue, therapy dog, and dog sports are just a few of the tasks they can take on.

With the right training and dedication, you and your pup can unlock their full potential. And with a little bit of luck, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing bond between the two of you – one that will last for years to come.

The sparkle in their eyes when they accomplish something new is a sight like no other – truly an unforgettable experience!

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