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Do Dogs Like Being Picked Up?

dog being picked up by owner

Dogs that are constantly picked up as puppies typically enjoy being picked up as adults. However, being picked up is not natural for dogs (this would never happen in the wild), so dogs who were rarely picked up as puppies likely won’t enjoy being picked up as an adult.  Dogs (especially small dogs and puppies) […]

Does Loud Music Hurt Dogs Ears?

dog listening to music

Loud music has the potential to hurt a dog’s ears. Remember the last time loud music hurt your ears? Dogs are much more sensitive to sounds than humans, so loud music will affect your furry friend even more. Long-term exposure to loud music can cause permanent damage to your dog’s inner ear.  Music has been […]

Can I Put a Bandaid On My Dog?

dog with baindaid on head

You should not put a bandaid on your dog. Not only do bandaids not adhere well to dogs, but placing one on their wound increases the risk of infection. Dogs will try to lick or chew the bandaid to get it off, which will force bacteria under the bandaid. This creates an environment for bacteria […]

Can a Deaf Dog Hear a Dog Whistle?

deaf dog trying to hear a whistle

Dogs who are entirely deaf will not be able to hear a dog whistle. However, most deaf dogs can still hear a specific frequency. Dog whistles come in more than 30 different frequencies. You can download an app to test each frequency to see which one your dog best responds to.  Dog whistles have always […]

How Much Weight Can a Dog Carry?

dog carrying backpack in the mountains

How much weight a dog can carry depends on its overall health. An average dog can carry up to 25% of its body weight if they are at their ideal body weight and physical strength. Dogs who are overweight or not in good health should not carry items on their back.  The question shouldn’t be […]