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Is Burning Sage Safe For Dogs?

Burning sage is completely safe for dogs and has been many for both the dog and the owner. Sage will help reduce anxiety, improve digestive health, help with joint pain, reduce the chances of infection, and will get rid of most airborne bacteria.

Many people are embracing a holistic lifestyle as a way to maintain good health. More consumers are eating organic foods, staying active through yoga or aerobics, and taking herbal supplements to improve their health.

Herbs are known for their healing abilities. For example, you can treat colds, sore muscles, minor cuts, an upset stomach, skin infections, and even insomnia with herbs. Some herbs are applied topically while other herbs are consumed.

If you can avoid using antibiotics (which kill both good and bad bacteria) and instead use herbs, why not give them a try? Sounds pretty logical if you ask me.

One of these “miracle” herbs is sage. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What Is Sage?

Sage is a green, leafy plant from the mint family. It has a distinct smell, and is used for cooking, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medications, and even as an antidepressant.

Native Americans continue to use it as a spiritual tool to eliminate negative energy and purify living spaces.

According to their beliefs, some guests carry negative energy and don’t wish the host’s family well. Because of this, they would burn sage leaves to balance the energy in the house while purifying it of impurities like fungi and bacteria.

Although you may not use sage to “eliminate negative energy,” there are still plenty of other reasons you may wish to burn the leaves. But what if you have a dog?

Is Burning Sage Safe for My Dog?

Unless your dog has respiratory issues, burning sage is entirely harmless. If your dog has respiratory problems, be cautious of how much you use, don’t overdo it.

Although burning sage is safe, do not rub fresh sage leaves directly onto your dog, as it may cause an adverse reaction to their skin.

If your dog has floppy ears, the smoke may lead to an ear infection (although the chances of this happening are slim). If you’re worried about your dog getting an ear infection, it’s best to let them back in the room about 20-30 minutes after the room has been ventilated (all smoke is gone).

Sage Benefits For Dog Owners

One of the main reasons dog owners burn sage is to get rid of that “wet dog” smell. Another benefit to burning sage is that it can help with pet allergies. This is excellent news for those who are allergic to dogs but don’t want to get rid of their pup.

Those with chronic bronchitis or seasonal allergies might find it helpful to burn sage in a room where they hang out, since sage can remove dust and pollen from the air in the room.

Now that you know how sage is beneficial for humans, let’s go over how it may help improve your dog’s health.

6 Ways Burning Sage Is Beneficial For Dogs

Kills Bacteria in the Air

Dogs breathe the same air as their owners. They are susceptible to the same illnesses, including respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, allergies). By burning sage, you can get rid of most of the airborne bacteria. Better breathing, anyone?

Reduces Anxiety

Do you have an anxious dog? Or do you suffer from anxiety yourself? Sage to the rescue! Burning sage can help reduce anxiety levels in both humans and dogs. Compounds in this herb stimulate brain receptors and will improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and in some cases, even cure migraines!

Battles Insomnia

Less anxiety = better sleep. Dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be burned off through exercise. If you are unable to exercise your dog that day, you can burn sage to help them relax.

Improves Digestive Health

Is your dog going through a bout of diarrhea? Adding sage in either dry or fresh-cut form to your dog’s kibble might be the solution for those cute, but sometimes achy stomachs.

As a bonus, your dog will get plenty of nutrients from the plant. Vitamins for eye, skin, and bone health, as well as calcium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus to improve immune function.

Acts As An Ointment for Minor Cuts/Scrapes

If you have an overly active dog, it’s a given that he’s going to come home with cuts and minor wounds from running around outside and catching every prickly twig on the way.

Sage can help soothe the throbbing pain and prevent an infection. Be sure to boil the sage leaves before applying them to your dog’s skin. You can also try applying sage oil topically to the affected area. Smudging fresh leaves into a problem area could have the opposite effect: irritating and aggravating the wound.

Joint Health Support

Sage can help soothe aching joints and ease arthritis symptoms (especially in older dogs). You can use sage for joint health in the same way it’s used for cuts. Boil the dried or fresh sage leaves, smudge them directly over your dog’s problem areas or use topically applied oil or lotion.

Sage Lives Up to The Hype

As we have just discovered, Sage truly is a “miracle” herb, treating various health issues (both internal and external). Dogs will undoubtedly benefit from using it, but you must check for any allergic reactions before adding it to your pet’s diet or using it as a first-aid tool.

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