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Why Do Australian Shepherds Run in Circles? Behavioral Insights

Australian Shepherds may run in circles due to their natural herding instincts, which involve corralling or containing other animals. This behavior can be harmless and even entertaining to watch, but it’s important to ensure that your dog is not causing harm to themselves or others. Providing outlets for their energy through appropriate exercise and training, as well as teaching them to focus on other activities such as fetch or obedience training, can help redirect this behavior and prevent problems down the line.

Have you ever seen an Australian Shepherd running in circles? As a herding breed, it’s not uncommon for these dogs to display this behavior.

Take for example, Betty the Australian Shepherd who lives in the suburbs of Colorado. When left to her own devices, she loves to run around the yard in tight circles. It’s an adorable sight but why does she do it?

In this article we’ll explore why Australian Shepherds may run in circles due to their herding instincts and what owners can do to manage this behavior.

Herding Instincts

You can think of herding instincts as a powerful force that drives Australian Shepherds to spin like tops and create a whirlpool of energy. This instinctive behavior is one of the breed traits that have been passed down from the Shepherd’s ancestors, which were bred for their sheepherding skills.

These dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and hardworking spirit, which makes them ideal for working with livestock. Australian Shepherds can be trained to use their herding instincts in various ways depending on what type of work they are used for. They have an innate ability to keep animals in a group and move them in a desired direction.

Some Australian Shepherds may even bark or nip at the animals’ feet to encourage movement in the desired direction. When these dogs are off duty, however, they may express their herding instincts through running in circles or chasing after people or other animals around them. This behavior usually serves no purpose other than entertainment for both the dog and its owner but can be dangerous if done too close to roads or busy streets.

To understand why this behavior occurs, it’s important to consider how Australian Shepherds act when working with livestock: they must continuously move around the herd while keeping it together and under control – so spinning around in circles might just be part of their natural behavior! Even though these dogs are not actively herding anything when performing this action, it still helps them practice how they would do so if needed.

Theory Behind Why Australian Shepherds Run in Circles

Taking a closer look into why Australian Shepherds run in circles, you can imagine the powerful urge they must feel to spin like tops and create a whirlpool of energy while keeping their herd safe. This instinctual behavior is likely an inherited trait that has been passed down through generations, as it’s seen in other herding breeds such as Border Collies and Sheepdogs.

It’s also thought that this type of behavior may have been beneficial to Australian Shepherds who lived with early settlers on large farms or ranches; spinning around in circles could be used to both protect the herd and keep them together.

The exact reason why Australian Shepherds circle isn’t known for certain, but some experts theorize that it could be a result of their genetic predisposition to herd. In other words, when confronted with a group of animals or objects, these dogs are instinctively drawn towards them – often trying to corral them into one place – which leads them to run in circles around whatever group they’re trying to gather together.

This theory is further supported by the fact that many owners report seeing their Aussies circle more often when there’s something interesting around (like another dog or an object). It’s possible that running in circles also serves as an outlet for excess energy or stress relief for these intelligent dogs; spinning around appears to provide entertainment or stimulation which can help reduce anxiety levels and boost overall mood. Additionally, circling may even help them build confidence by providing a sense of accomplishment from completing a task successfully – though this hypothesis hasn’t been scientifically proven yet.

Australian Shepherds running in circles is most likely related to herding instincts rather than boredom or lack of exercise; however, it can still become problematic if it becomes excessive or disruptive. Understanding the potential reasons behind this behavior can help owners find ways to manage it – whether through training tips, environmental enrichment activities, or simply providing appropriate outlets for their pup’s natural desire to chase after things…

Training Tips to Manage the Behavior

Gently guiding your Aussie to focus their energy in other ways can help prevent them from spinning out of control. One way to do this is by training your Australian Shepherd using positive reinforcement techniques – rewarding desired behaviors and redirecting or ignoring undesired ones.

Additionally, providing mental stimulation with activities such as hide and seek, agility courses, or puzzle toys can also provide an outlet for your pup’s herding instincts while teaching them proper behavior. Here are 5 tips that may help manage the behavior:

  • Provide opportunities for physical activity like fetch or swimming
  • Reassure your Aussie when they get too excited
  • Give a verbal cue like “sit” or “no” before they start running in circles
  • Use treats to reward calm behavior
  • Spend quality time playing games with your pup

Consistent training will be key in helping your pup understand how to behave appropriately. If the problem persists, it may be beneficial to consult a professional trainer who can provide additional guidance on how best to address the issue.

With patience and consistency, you can work together with your Australian Shepherd to create a stronger bond while minimizing any unwanted circling behavior.

Health and Exercise Considerations

Exercising regularly is essential to keeping your Aussie healthy and happy, helping them to channel their herding energy in more productive ways. As a highly social breed, Aussies should be socialized early and often, which also helps provide physical and mental exercise.

Additionally, the Australian Shepherd needs plenty of daily exercise to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Daily walks or jogs are great for providing physical exercise while playing fetch with toys can help satisfy their mental needs.

Without proper socialization and exercise, Australian Shepherds may become excessively energetic or develop destructive behaviors such as running in circles. This behavior could be an indication that they need more stimulation than what they are currently receiving.

It’s important to recognize signs of boredom or stress in your Aussie so that you can take steps to reduce it through activities like walks, hikes, playtime with other dogs, or learning new tricks or commands. If left unchecked, running in circles can lead to health issues such as obesity due to lack of adequate exercise and muscle strain from repetitive motions on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

These conditions can cause permanent damage if not treated appropriately by a veterinarian. Additionally, prolonged periods without proper stimulation can lead to emotional issues such as anxiety or depression which require professional attention from an animal behaviorist.

Keeping your Australian Shepherd active with regular physical activity and mental stimulation will ensure that they remain healthy over the long term while managing their herding instincts safely and responsibly. Taking time each day for structured exercise combined with plenty of interactive playtime will help keep your Aussie happy and contented so that they don’t resort to running in circles out of boredom or frustration.

Understanding potential long-term effects of running in circles is key for being able to prevent it before any harm comes to your pup.

Potential Long-Term Effects of Running in Circles

Without proper structure and stimulation, Aussies’ herding tendencies can manifest in the form of running in circles, potentially leading to long-term physical and mental issues. This behavior can lead to an overall decrease in their exercise requirements as they may not be getting the necessary physical activity needed for them to stay healthy.

Additionally, it can cause their attention span to become shorter due to boredom or frustration from a lack of stimulation. When running in circles over time, Australian Shepherds are at risk of developing serious medical conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia from the constant repetitive motion.

Also, if left unchecked this behavior could cause them to develop behaviors associated with anxiety or stress which can lead to further issues such as destructive chewing or barking excessively when around other animals. It is important for owners of Aussie’s to recognize these signs early on so that they can take steps to address the underlying causes of the behavior before any long-term damage occurs.

The best way for owners of Australian Shepherds to prevent this behavior is by providing them with ample opportunities for mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. Taking your Aussie on regular walks will help keep them active while also providing mental stimulation through new scenery and smells.

Additionally, engaging activities such as interactive toys or games like fetch will give your pup something fun and stimulating to do when you are away from home. By ensuring that your pup gets enough exercise and has access to stimulating activities you will reduce the chances of them developing behaviors like running in circles due to boredom or stress.

It is important for owners of Australian Shepherds understand why their dogs may run in circles, so that they can provide adequate care and attention needed by their pup before any long-term negative effects arise from this behavior. With proper exercise requirements met daily along with some creative forms of stimulation during downtime, this behavior should decrease significantly over time allowing your pup live a happy and healthy life.


You’ve learned why Australian Shepherds run in circles: it’s due to their herding instincts. But if you’re not careful, this behavior can have a lasting impact on your pup’s health and well-being.

Training and proper exercise are essential to help your Aussie Shepherd manage these urges. With the right guidance, you can ensure that your beloved canine companion stays happy, healthy, and running around in circles for years to come!

So, don’t underestimate the importance of controlling this instinctive behavior and helping your pup stay fit and active as they age. It’s worth every minute of effort!

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