How to Make Dry Dog Food Wet [Easier Than You Think]

The easiest way to make dry dog food wet is to add warm water to the food and let it sit for a 30 minutes. Start by adding a small amount of warm water and check the consistency after a few minutes. Continue adding a small amount of water until the food reaches the desired consistency.

There are many reasons you might want to turn dry dog food wet. Your dog might be having trouble chewing, is getting older, or is having dental problems. Whatever the case may be, the decision to change the consistency of their food is up to you, the owner, and there are several ways this can be done.

How to Make Dry Dog Food Wet

Warm Water

Warm water is the most effective way to soften kibble, especially for older dogs or those who might have issues chewing.

Letting the kibble sit in the warm water for a brief period (about 30 minutes) before serving it to your pup allows the food to soak in the moisture. If the dog still has trouble chewing, mashing the kibble once the water has been absorbed can further soften the food.

How Much Water Should Be Added?

Determining the amount of water to add depends on how soft you want the food to be. Start by adding equal amounts of food and water. It might take some experimenting to see what type of texture the dog responds best to, but you may want to consider adding more water on warmer days when your dog needs to stay hydrated.

Using Broth Instead of Water

If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you can use chicken broth instead of water. This is an especially useful trick for picky eaters. Very few dogs can withstand the taste of chicken broth.

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You’ll add the broth the same way you would the water. Make sure to warm the broth and then pour an equal amount of broth and kibble. Let it sit for about thirty minutes before mashing it up.

Canned Food Combined With Dry Kibble

Another way to make dry dog food wet is to simply add canned food to the dry kibble. Adding a small amount of canned food to the dry kibble will help soften the kibble and increase the flavor. Even the pickiest of eaters will love this combination!


This is a classic trick that will not only soften the kibble (making it easier for your dog to eat), but will also add an amazing flavor to your dogs food. All dogs seem to LOVE gravy. When using gravy to soften dog food, pour a generous amount over the kibble and let it soak for at least 30 minutes.


Although most dogs prefer the taste of gravy over yogurt, you can still use yogurt to add to the flavor and soften the food. The benefit to yogurt is that it contains probiotics which will help with digestion…something you won’t get from gravy.

Why Turn Dry Dog Food Wet?

There are a number of reasons a dog might need a different consistency for their meals. Below are the most common reasons for turning dry dog food wet.


Dogs typically prefer soft food, so soaking dry food in a bit of water can increase the animal’s intake if they have not been getting enough nutrition. If your dog still won’t eat the wet food, try the chicken broth method.

Puppy Transition

When a puppy is transitioning from canned dog food to dry kibble, they may need to have their food soaked to make it easier to eat. When making this transition, start by adding equal parts water and kibble. Slowly reduce the amount of water with each meal until your puppy is eating completely dry kibble.

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Dental Problems

Dental problems are also a great reason to soften dry kibble. The teething that occurs at a young age or the brittle nature of an older dog’s teeth can affect their ability to eat. Inflamed gums or other flare-ups can also be reasons for temporary adjustments in the texture of their food.


Introducing water to dry food can help if your dog is dehydrated. A few signs to look for include the skin losing elasticity, the dog becoming sluggish, or the eyes, mouth, and nose becoming dry.

The wet food won’t replace drinking water, but for dogs that don’t drink enough water, every bit helps.


When a dog gulps down a significant amount of water after eating, bloating is likely to occur which will affect digestion. Soaking the dry food may curb their desire to gulp down water as they’re eating.

Slowing Down The Eating

The image of a dog rushing to their bowl and scarfing down all the food in under a minute is not uncommon. Dog’s don’t have the same concern about choking on their kibble or minding social cues. Especially dogs who came from shelters or might have had food stolen from them by other puppies when they were younger.

However, eating too fast can be detrimental to the animal’s health in the long term. Feeding your dog wet food will slow down the pace at which they eat, which will in turn help with digestion.

Increased Appetite

Some dogs don’t have much of an appetite. If it has become increasingly difficult to get your dog to eat, softening the food can help stimulate their appetite because the moisture brings out the smell. It is still not as strong as wet food, but it enhances the normally subtle aroma from their kibble.

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Hiding Medication

If you need to give your dog medicine but they refuse to swallow the pill, the flavor and smell of the dry dog food turned wet can help mask the scent of the pill that needs to be added to their food.

Wet Food is a Treat For Dogs

Most dogs prefer wet food over dry kibble…but the cost of wet food along with a shorter shelf-life means the majority of dogs will be eating dry food. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your dog a treat and turn their dry kibble into wet food every once in a while. Give one of the six methods a try, your dog is going to love you for it!

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