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Essential oils can be a great way to help alleviate hot spots on dogs. Lavender, Chamomile, Myrrh, and Calendula are the best essential oils for hot spots. All four of these essential oils will help soothe the skin (which reduces itching) and even reduce inflammation.

When it comes to health issues that dogs face, hot spots seem to reign supreme. That no-good itchy feeling can cause your canine friend to eagerly itch in one or more locations, eventually causing a rash or burn to form in that area.

While hot spots are common in dogs, it doesn’t negate that this condition is extremely uncomfortable for your pup.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to help relieve that constant itch. After talking with your vet, you might find that steroids or antibiotics are the way to go. However, there is a much less expensive and natural way to handle hot spots.

Essential oils are a natural reprieve from so many ailments…this includes hot spots. Here is a list of eight essential oils that can help with your dog’s hot spots.

Defining the Essentials

Essential oils have a long history as being the first homeopathic medicine. They are the simplest form of plant oil used in balms, salves, and other medicines and body products. Not only do they give off a wonderful aroma, but they have helped heal and soothe alignments for many years.

All essential oils have been extracted through distillation or cold pressing. The purest form of these oils can not be directly used on the skin. This is why they are added to carrier oils to help form a layer of protection on the skin while the essential oil does its job.

It is important to note that any form of essential oil done through a chemical process or compounding is not considered a true essential oil and will not have the same medicinal benefits.

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When finding the right essential oil for your dog, look for “100% pure essential oil” on the label.

Hot Spots

Before administering any form of essential oil to your pet, it’s important to first identify the type of alignment they have.

Regular hot spots or acute dermatitis is a form of inflammation or infection on the surface of your dog’s skin.

Before attempting to use anything specific such as essential oils, talk with your vet if you are unsure what actions you should take to help your dog.

Hot spots are often centralized on the neck, back, tummy, and behind the ears. These spots create an intense itch that your canine friend cannot resist. Eventually, the constant itching causes hair loss and a red, inflamed bald patch. This is when doing your research for the right essential oil will come in handy.

The Best Essential Oils For Dog Hot Spots

Finding the proper essential oil for your dog’s hot spots can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a vast wealth of knowledge that the internet has about this topic. Yet it’s easy to get lost in the countless pages of information.

Here are our top four essential oils that can help with your dog’s hot spot.

Simply Lavender

Lavender has been a long-time friend of those with itchy and irritated skin. And when it comes to finding reprieve for your dog’s hot spots, lavender is a go-to oil.

Lavender is antimicrobial and antifungal, meaning it is home to microorganisms that will help fend off that irritable itch. While it soothes itchy and dry skin, it also has a slightly floral scent that is easy on the nose.

A great tidbit about lavender essential oil is that it fends off ticks and fleas. So while you may use it to help with the hot spots, you are also aiding in keeping your dog pest-free!

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Keeping It Chamomile

While there are many benefits to using chamomile, soothing skin irritation is among the best qualities it possesses.

Not only does chamomile aid in calming the system, it helps in healing open wounds. Because of constant itching in a centralized place, dogs can inadvertently break open the skin when scratching.

Chamomile is a great essential oil to help soothe and heal wounds while fighting off infection.

Please note, however, that many essential oils come in different sub-forms. Just like there are sub-species of the same plant, each unique form of the same plant has different effects.

When it comes to your dog’s hot spots, Roman Chamomile, or the Anthemis nobilis plant are the chamomile forms you should look for.


Myrrh is derived from the Arabian Commiphora Myrrh tree. A sometimes expensive oil that is chalked full of terpenoids; wonderful compounds that give this oil an anti-inflammatory property. Not only will myrrh help ease that burning feeling caused by hot spots, but it is also a natural pain reliever. Try rubbing myrrh on the affected area instead of giving your dogs pill pain relievers. It will ease the itch but also promote a numbing sensation.

Calming Calendula

If you’re looking for a readily available and inexpensive essential oil, then calendula is a great oil for you. It is anti-inflammatory, antifungal- AND anti-bacterial.

It is a great source for all your hot spot soothing needs in one oil. It will help soothe the itch while fighting off bacteria and infection. Allowing your dog some reprieve from their itchy escapades.

Don’t Overdo it

Essential oils are concentrated forms of some very powerful pants. It’s important to keep that in mind when administering these oils to your dog. Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to your dog. You want to ease them into it.

Do a test patch and see if they have any adverse effects. If not, apply the oils you have chosen in small doses. However, don’t overdo it. One oil is enough. Try not to overload their system with two to three different essential oils. This may cause a negative effect. Simply choose the one you’ve seen results with and continue until their hot spots have dissipated.

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Decide for Your Dog

Please remember that essential oils are not supposed to take the place of vet-mandated medicine. It is important to talk to your vet to find the best methods to help your dog.

We know you have their best interest at heart. Essential oils, while they are great in aiding ailments, are not always meant to take the place of mainstream medicine.

In some cases, essential oils might not be the best answer. If your dog is allergic to any form of oil, you will need to look for different methods or possibly medications.

Essential oils are a great and natural way to aid in your dog’s health. However, don’t abandon your vets’ wealth of knowledge. In numbers, there is wisdom, and the professionals know it best!

Not All Oils Are Made The Same

Essential oils are a wonderful alternative to some forms of medication and pet steroids for hot spots. When administered properly and with caution, essential oils can be a great way to help heal your pet’s hotspots. Not all essential oils are made the same, so make sure you’re doing your research to find the best oils for your dog. Keep your oils in a dark, dry place, and they will last a long while.

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