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Do Banana Peels Work on Dog Warts?

Although banana peels aren’t scientifically proven to remove dog warts (there have been no studies), many dog owners swear by them. It is believed that potassium and Vitamin E in banana peels reduce or eliminate warts.

Did you know dogs can develop warts anywhere on their bodies? This includes the paws. It’s difficult to get rid of these pesky nuisances, especially when you don’t want to inflict pain or toxic chemicals on your dog.

If you’re looking for a natural way to get rid of dog warts, there may be a solution that’s easier (and weirder) than you think!

Banana Peels on Dog Warts? Yup!

When dogs reach the age of 7 or 8, they become more susceptible to developing canine papillomas, or warts.

These nasty-looking infections look scary but are actually harmless. Although they are benign, you may not want this imperfection on your otherwise perfect pup. That leads us to our strange solution; banana peels.

A veterinarian typically recommends an expensive procedure or prescription to treat your dog’s warts. But there’s a chance that applying the inside of a banana peel to the wart can be just as effective. However, that doesn’t mean it works 100% of the time.

How To Use Bananas

Although strange, it’s actually quite simple!

Apply your banana peel liberally to the spot, making sure the banana makes it into the creases and folds of the wart. Rub it on for at least 30 seconds per affected area.

After applying, the skin and fur around the area should be sticky to the touch. You may also take a small piece from inside the banana and stick it on the top of the wart to ensure the material makes sufficient contact.

You do not have to push hard or rub aggressively, doing it lightly, but just enough for the banana to spread will suffice.

Do this twice daily for two to three weeks or until the wart disappears. Don’t worry, this form of virus can’t be spread to humans, although it is a good idea to still wash your hands before and after handling the papilloma.

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable During The Process

Understandably, your dog may get a little confused, concerned, and uncomfortable during this process. So how do you keep the situation low stress and high reward?

Like in any other training situation, you want to keep stimulation handy. If your dog nips, keep a toy nearby to direct his attention and his bites. Reinforce his positive behavior with lots of “Good dogs” and treats.

A great way to make sure you have the right amount of treats handy is to have a specific bag or pocket set aside for quick access. Sealing and unsealing a bag with one hand isn’t ideal.

Use Two People

Using two people may also make this process easier. The best way to go about this process (depending on where the wart is located) is to have your dog lay down.

One person will hold the dog between their legs to ensure it doesn’t run away and distract it with treats and toys. While this person is holding the dog down, the other may apply the banana to the affected areas.

Why Do Banana Peels Get Rid of Dog Warts?

Although not much extensive research has been done as to why a banana peel works, many dog owners from around the world swear by this method.

People speculate that vitamin E and potassium from the banana are the reason the banana peels help with warts, but it is hard to know without more in-depth research.

For this reason, veterinarians also recommend giving your dogs vitamin E and potassium supplements when they are inflicted with warts to help fight the virus.

How to Know if It’s Actually a Wart

The canine papillomavirus is just that, a virus. So, just like in humans, the very old and very young are the most susceptible. Sometimes the virus gets so extreme that eating can be an issue for your dog because of warts around the mouth or lips. Or sometimes, a wart can develop on a dog’s eye, limiting its vision.

If the virus gets that advanced, we recommend bringing your dog into a vet’s office. They will recommend either doing a procedure or a round of antibiotics to help rid them of the infliction.

Typically, however, papillomavirus is not that extreme. Your dog may only have a few warts spread around its body, in which case the banana method may be a more appropriate solution.

Some dogs may even fight off the infection themselves after a month or so, but the banana method will help speed up the process.

How to Avoid Dog Warts

Dog warts are something that plagues many dogs and dog owners. Unfortunately, there isn’t one concise way to keep these ugly things off your pup. There are, however, a few things you can do to avoid them.

First and foremost, canine papilloma is a virus. That means it is contagious from dog to dog. Warts can be spread from your dog playing with another dog’s ball, lying on the bed of a different dog who had warts, and so on.

Being careful about what dogs you let your dog play with can be beneficial. Also, wash beds and toys after buying them.

Another tip; if you see a dog at the dog park with a wart, try to have your dog steer clear. That also goes for walking your dog or bringing them to doggy daycare. It also applies to you and your dog on the opposite end. If your pup contracts warts, try to keep them home and away from other dogs so you don’t spread the virus.

A balanced diet is another way to prevent warts. A high-quality diet will be low in carbs and high in protein. Like a human, it is important to feed your dog the necessary vitamins. Vitamins will help boost your dog’s immune system, which will help your canine fight off viruses and infections, including warts.

Think of Your Pup

Although the banana peel method can be helpful and effective, think about the feelings of your canine.

For example, if your dog has a large wart on its paw and it is affecting his ability to walk, a vet may have to remove it surgically so he isn’t uncomfortable. Similarly, if your dog develops a wart on its eye or mouth and finds it difficult to see or eat, then bringing it to a vet would be a good idea.

A good rule to follow is if a wart is hurting your dog or making its life more difficult, bring it to the vet.

That’s Bananas!

Although this method may seem strange, using bananas on dog warts is surprisingly effective. The vitamins in the bananas help fight off the canine papillomavirus and help rid your pup of the nasty infliction.

Find a friend to help you apply the banana peel to your dog. Remember – the point of this method is to rid your dog of warts that are aesthetically ugly. If the dog is suffering serious health consequences, then it’s time to visit the veterinarian for options like surgical removal or antibiotics.

Regardless of how you plan to rid your pup of warts, be safe and happy banana-ing!

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