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Are Corgis Good With Cats? Can They Get Along?

Corgis are great with cats. Any time you introduce two animals to each other, they may be a bit hesitant at first. But once corgis and cats get to know each other, they typically get along. If you have a social cat, they may even end up playing.

When bringing home a new pet, the first thing you need to consider is how it will get along with your family and current pets. In general, corgis and cats get along with time, as most animals need to adjust to household changes.

What to Do if My Corgi Keeps Attacking My Cat

The Chase

Corgis are cattle herding dogs that chase and nip the heels of their target. This is a natural instinct for them and is not done to be aggressive, but to gather. Due to the temperament of cats, a corgi’s energy may cause the cat to flee, ensuing a chase.


If you find that your corgi is doing more than nipping and has aggression towards your cat, be sure to separate them.

Provide a safe space for the cat and corgi in two separate areas of your home. Make sure that space is secured. The time they spend together should be supervised.

Early Training

The best way to overcome the cat chase and potential for aggressive behavior is by training your corgi at a young age.

Corgis are very loyal to their owners and want to please them. By setting boundaries and training your corgi at an early age, you can build a healthy relationship between the two animals.

This not only allows the cat to get acclimated to your corgi, but also teaches your pup healthy boundaries that it needs to have with its companion.

How To Train My Corgi to Like My Cat

Building relationships between animals can take time. Be patient in the process and alert to the body language of your pup and cat.

If you’re having difficulty in building their bond, there are methods you can try to train your corgi to like your cat.


Your dog’s training should begin long before focusing on training them to get along with their feline friend.

Teaching your corgi basic commands such as sit and stay, and gaining their trust will benefit greatly when building their cat skills.

If you’re having difficulty in your training, reach out to your vet or local trainers. There are many classes you can enroll your corgi in to learn simple commands and improve socialization skills with other animals.

Building Through Introductions

When working with your cat and corgi, make sure you are in a neutral environment allowing both animals to have space. Ensure your dog is on a leash and that you have control.

Separating with crates or a baby gate will give both animals space. Allow your cat to approach and engage. Praise and reward your pup for good behavior.

Continue this process while continuing to allow them more time together. Be alert to their body language and respect their boundaries.

What if The Cat is the Bully?

At times, your cat may be the one showing aggression towards your pup. However, you may find the behavior stretches beyond defense to bullying. Pay attention to the triggers your cat may have to get to the root of the behavior.


Spaying or neutering your cat is one of the best ways to minimize natural aggression. By sterilizing your cat, the heat cycle is removed, which often causes aggression and frustration between animals. This procedure can calm your cat while also helping prevent feline cancers.


Allow your cat to have its own space in the home. Cats can be very territorial, so providing them enough space dedicated solely to them can help minimize the aggression.

In this space, provide them with things that keep them entertained. If a cat is bored, it can cause the bullying to be more frequent.

Professional Help

Sometimes, you’ve tried all that you can at home and may not be seeing the results you were expecting. If the bullying continues, contact your veterinarian or a professional trainer for further advice.

What if The Cat is Scared of The Corgi

With a new pup in your home, you may find your cat standoffish and scared of your new companion. This fear may come from the presence of a new pet, the energy of your corgi, or anxiety from your corgi’s herding behavior.

Ensure Safety

As you would when introducing your two pets, be sure to provide your cat with a safe space. This is a place they can retreat to and be away from your corgi. A baby gate or crating may be involved to provide this space. Your cat needs to know it’s not threatened and can escape at all times.


When your cat approaches your corgi, be sure to praise them. Though training in cats is different from dogs, it’s good to show verbal praise and provide treats when your cat is showing positive behaviors with other pets.

This will encourage your cat to continue venturing out to your corgi’s space and build their bond.

How to Get a Corgi and Cat to Play Together

Once you see improvement in your corgi and cat’s relationship, you may want to push further growth by having them play together.


When you’re not with your pets, be sure they are separated. Allowing them to be together for too long can cause them to be exhausted of one another.

This can cause aggression and bring negativity to the relationships they’ve built. Ensure they have their separate spaces and that their time together has a duration.


When introducing play time, ensure you’re giving both animals praise for good behavior and interactions.

Devote time to both your dog and cat, ensuring equal attention. Pay attention to body language and allow more interaction as the animals adjust to one another.

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