What is The Best Guard Dog For Chickens?

The best guard dogs for chickens include the Akbash, Komondor, Tibetan mastiff, Pyrenean mastiff, and Kuvasz. However, the list is not limited to those five breeds. Any large, protective dog can be trained to guard chickens. You want a dog that is loyal, friendly, but also fiercely protective.

So you’ve got yourself a chicken coop. Maybe you got chickens to have access to fresh eggs. Or perhaps you got them because they make great pets. Whatever the reason, now you need to think about how to protect them. 

Chickens are prey to many animals, both domesticated and wild. Whether you live on a farm in a more rural area or experimenting with urban farming, your chickens are under threat of many predators. 

Keeping your chickens safe and happy can be a challenge no matter where you live. For this reason, you should consider getting a guard dog.

Why are dogs the best option for protecting your chicken? Dogs are friendly, loyal, trainable, and protective. They can be friends with your family and chickens while also warding off other animals that may be a threat. They’re man’s best friend and your chickens’ best protector.

Not all dog breeds are the same, so you can’t just get any dog you see at the pet store and expect them to protect the coop. 

Some breeds are great at guarding farm animals; some eat farm animals. That is why it’s best to do some research before getting a guard dog. 

This article will discuss the importance of getting a guard dog, what qualities that guard dog needs, and which breeds fit the bill.

Why Your Chickens Need a Guard Dog

Keeping poultry has many benefits. Maybe you keep chickens to have your supply of eggs and meat. Or maybe you keep them around because they are great pets. Whatever the reason, chickens are a great addition to your backyard or farm.

However, there are many dangers of keeping chickens. Chickens are easy prey for many animals, and owning them can invite unwanted guests into your backyard.

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Hawks, raccoons, mink, owls, coyotes, and many more see chickens as an easy meal. Without protective measures and a guard dog to stand by, these predators can quickly run off with some of your chickens for dinner.

Qualities of a Good Guard Dog

Getting a guard dog is essential if you plan on keeping a chicken coop. Your chickens are exposed to too much danger to be left alone without a guard. 

However, since many dog breeds see chickens as a meal, you can’t just get any dog you like at the pet store or shelter. 

Your guard dog needs certain qualities to keep your chickens safe. So what are those qualities?


You wouldn’t want a Chihuahua as a guard dog. Although small dogs can be loyal and protective, they aren’t intimidating compared to large dogs. 

A large dog can intimidate a predator without fighting. Sometimes all a large dog needs to do is be seen by the predator to be effective.

But size is also essential should a fight occur. Chickens have predators of all sizes, and a large dog is far more likely to win a fight than a small dog.

History of Working with Farm Animals

Breeds that have a history of herding or protecting farm animals are a safe bet. It is in their genes to see chickens as part of the family instead of a meal. 

They were bred and built to be protectors and herders, and even in modern times, these instincts are strong.

For centuries, farmers all over the world have seen the importance of having dogs protect their livestock. Luckily, this means there are many breeds available that can protect your chickens.


Not only does your dog need to get along with your chickens, but he also needs a strong protective instinct. 

A good guard dog has no problem putting himself in harm’s way to protect your chickens. Being a guard dog is more than just standing around. He may need to fight with a predator at some point. 

Just because a dog is large and friends with your chickens doesn’t mean he is a good protector. If your dog runs away at the sight of danger, he isn’t a good choice for the job.

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Best Breeds to Guard Your Chickens

Which breeds fit these three essential qualities? Luckily, dogs have been bred for hundreds of years to protect farm animals, which means there are many options. 

Below are a few popular breeds that farmers use to protect their chickens and other livestock worldwide.


The Akbash is an intimidating dog with a sweet and calm temperament. However, this breed doesn’t befriend just anyone, as they have an incredible ability to discern who is friendly and who may cause harm. 

This is a perfect quality in a guard dog. Akbashs will know quickly who is family (the chickens) and who is a threat (the predators trying to eat the chickens). 

Though many breeds would make excellent guard dogs, the intelligence and discernment of the Akbash make them our number one option.


The Komondor is one of the largest dog breeds in the world, making it an intimidating guard dog. 

They are known for their history of protecting sheep, but they can easily protect chickens and other farm animals. 

Komondors are fiercely protective, making great guard dogs and companions. No predator would dare try to challenge this dog. 

Komondors are friendly, but they can become overprotective and attack innocent strangers. However, this behavior can be trained out of them.

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are another massive dog that can easily intimidate any prey that comes near your chickens. 

They can take on smaller predators like raccoons and larger animals like coyotes and large birds. 

They are nocturnal dogs, which is a considerable advantage, as they can easily protect your chickens while you sleep.

The downside is that Tibetan Mastiffs can be pretty stubborn, so they need diligent training right from the beginning.

Pyrenean mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiffs are known for being calm and tolerant as well as deadly to predators. This makes an excellent guard dog that is calm around your family and friends but will also take his job as a guard dog seriously. 

Like the other dogs on this list, Pyrenean Mastiffs are massive, which can intimidate predators. They will also put their lives at stake to attack a predator coming after their family or chickens.

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They put their size to good use in a fight and are deadly to predators. This fierceness and loyalty make the Pyrenean Mastiff a perfect guard dog.


The Kuvasz is an excellent combination of a great pet and guard dog. They have an intelligent and joyful personality that humans love, but they are also excellent at detecting threats.

Because they are so brilliant, they need very little training before becoming great guard dogs. Furthermore, they have loud barks that keep predators at bay. 

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other breeds out there that would also make excellent guard dogs for your chickens and other farm animals. 

Some other breeds to consider are the Maremma Sheepdog, the Kangal, and the Anatolian Shepherd. 

However, many breeds fit the bill, and you should do some research to find the perfect breed for your protection needs.

Finding The Perfect Guard Dog

When choosing a guard dog for your chickens, you want a dog that is loyal, friendly, but also fiercely protective. This article introduced a few breeds that fit the bill. This list is not exhaustive, but it should aid you in your search for the perfect guard dog. 

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