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How To Clean Dog Paws After a Walk [Simple Methods]

The best way to clean dog paws after a walk is to use grooming wipes. Before going inside after the walk, ask your dog to sit. Use a grooming wipe to clean each paw. Once you’re done, give your dog a treat. They’ll eventually learn that paw cleaning means treat time and begin offering their paw to you after each walk.

Have you ever thought about why it is important to wash your hands? Now think about your dog’s “hands.”

Your dog’s paws are essential to their livelihood. Not only do they act as a barrier for protection, but the paws support their mobility and joints as well.

To keep up with those paws, we have provided seven easy and convenient ways to clean your dog’s paws after a walk.

1) Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes are conveniently found on the shelves at your local pet store. These are preferably used for quick wipe downs and light messes.

They come in a variety of sizes and scents, so finding some that work for your dog shouldn’t be a problem. By having these on hand, you can clean your dog’s paws before they hop into your car or jump onto your couch.

If you can’t find grooming wipes for your dog, you can also grab a pack of baby wipes to get those paws cleaned. Just make sure the baby wipes are unscented!

2) Portable Paw Cleaner

Paw Cleaners are a more sustainable way to clean your dog’s paws after a walk if you are not too fond of wipes. They’ll also give the paws a much deeper clean.

The product is a portable plastic cup with a top that has various textures and grooves to remove the dirt and debris from your dog’s paws.

You simply fill the cup with water and insert your dog’s paw through the lid. If convenient, you can also add a bit of dog shampoo for a deeper clean.

These Paw Cleaners are easy to use and convenient for travel by putting them in your purse or backpack.

3) Waterless (Dry) Shampoo

Waterless pet shampoos (also known as dry shampoo) can also be found on the shelves at your local pet store.

Most waterless shampoos are foam and come with a silicone head attachment. The foam is applied to your dog’s paw, scrubbed, and wiped off by the silicone head attachment.

4) Doggy Doormats

Doggy doormats can be used for light and minimal paw clean up. They are made of absorbent microfiber cloth that will absorb and remove most dirt, debris, or water off your dog’s paws after a walk.

Although absorbent, this product is also durable, lightweight, and washable. You can place the doormat at the front door for your four-legged friend to wipe their feet each time they come in.

Since your dog will have to stand on the mat for a few seconds, you can use this moment to bond with your dog. Let them know how good they did on their walk and give them a treat. They will wipe their feet by themselves in no time.

You can also place another mat on the other side of the door. This will provide additional cleaning and absorb even more dirt and debris.

5) Towel/Cloth

Towels are a great old-fashioned way to clean paws. You probably have old towels on hand that you use for random chores around the house.

You can take your old towels, cut them into squares, and keep them by the door or in your car. If you need a deeper clean, you can run them under warm water, wipe your dog’s paws, and throw them in the wash.

This is a great way to clean and dry your dog’s paws. You may need access to water or keep a spare bottle in your car, but viola! You never have to buy wipes again.

6) Dog Boots

Boots are usually worn by humans to protect our feet, but they can protect the feet of your furry friend as well.

Please note – it’s common for your dog to be uncomfortable with boots on if it is his/her first time. After some training and exposure, your pup should be able to wear these without wanting to tear them right off.

Boots are recommended if your dog will be exposed to abnormal weather circumstances such as extremely hot, cold, or muddy conditions.

Apart from being easy to clean and reusable, boots come in different sizes and materials to fit your pup’s paws and environment.

7) Bath

A bath might be the only solution if your pup discovered a couple of mud puddles during your walk. A quick rinse with dog shampoo may be the only love and care your dog’s paw may need.

If your dog is small enough, sinks are the most efficient way to rinse their paws. After drying their paws with a towel, your pup is ready to roam free in your home.

Bonus Tip – Keep Your Dogs Nails Trimmed

For the most efficient clean with the methods above, it is important to keep your dog’s nails cut and your dog’s hair around the paw pads trimmed.

If you cannot do it yourself, it is important to get them done by a professional. By keeping up with this hygienic routine, dirt, debris, and bacteria will less likely stick and linger on your dog’s paw.

Depending on your dog’s lifestyle and activity level, we suggest checking their paws daily or weekly for any build-up or any cuts that could lead to infections.

With clean paws, you and your furry friend can enjoy the rest of the day together.

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