How Much Pineapple to Give a Dog to Stop Eating Poop?

To stop your dog from eating poop, give them no more than six small pieces of pineapple per day. The best way to feed your dog pineapple is in small portions rather than all at once. Pineapple is packed with vitamins and minerals, but it’s also high in sugar, so moderation is essential.

Dogs have all sorts of gross habits. Unfortunately, eating poop is one of them. But did you know that feeding your dog pineapple can put an end to this behavior?

Pineapple creates a taste and smell in dog poop that is revolting to dogs. A small amount of pineapple will deter him from eating poop again. To stop your dog from eating poop, give him half a dozen chunks of pineapple throughout the day. You may need to do this a few times a week to see results.

This article will explain some reasons why your dog is eating poop and how pineapple can help.

Why Dogs Eat Poop

Coprophagia is the term used to describe the condition where dogs eat feces. This condition is more common than you would think. Coprophagia is a complex condition that can be difficult to treat due to its many causes.

Below are some of the common factors that cause your dog to eat poop.

Lack Of Nutrients

If your dog lacks nutrients or is not getting enough food in general, he will resort to eating his poop. As disgusting as it sounds, poop does have nutrients that are not absorbed in the dog’s system. If your dog needs these nutrients, his body will tell him to eat poop to get them.

Studies show that a lack of vitamin B1 leads to coprophagia. Luckily, pineapple is abundant in B1, making it an effective cure.

If you believe that your dog lacks nutrients, feeding your dog more often and with nutrient-rich food should stop this habit.

Malabsorption Syndrome

When a dog is not receiving enough nutrients, he probably has a poor diet. However, in some cases, the dog could have a condition called Malabsorption Syndrome that prevents him from getting the nutrients he needs.

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Malabsorption Syndrome is a rare condition that prevents a dog from absorbing nutrients in his small intestine.

Since dogs with Malabsorption Syndrome are not receiving the nutrients they need, their instincts will tell them to eat their poop to get those nutrients. Consult with your vet if you believe your dog may have this condition.

Seeking Attention

Yes, your dog will eat poop just to get your attention. And it worked, didn’t it? You probably had a strong reaction the first time your dog ate poop. This reaction may encourage him to do it again in the future.

There are a few reasons why your dog has resorted to this method of gaining your attention. First, he could just be bored. This is probably the case if your dog doesn’t have enough toys to play with or you don’t play with him often.

Another reason is that your dog is lonely and wants your attention. If you have been too busy for your dog lately, he may act out to get your attention. Dogs are just as social as humans and are negatively affected by neglect and a lack of socialization.

If this is the case with your dog, then you should spend more time with him. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to discipline him to let him know that eating poop is not an acceptable way to seek attention.


Certain diseases may increase a dog’s appetite to the point he is not satiated by regular meals. In desperation for more food, he will turn to his poop.

Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, and Cushing’s Disease are some diseases that increase a dog’s appetite. There will usually be other symptoms in addition to eating poop. Take your dog to the vet if you think he may have one of these diseases.

Learned Behavior From Puppyhood

When puppies are young and can’t take care of themselves, the mother will help them in many ways, including wiping excess feces off their bottoms.

Puppies will learn this habit from their mothers and begin to clean themselves or their siblings. This may be a beneficial habit to pick up as a puppy, as the bacteria in poop may benefit a puppy’s gastrointestinal tract.

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However, dogs outgrow this habit by adulthood. Most dogs stop eating their poop by the time they are a few months old. Some dogs don’t get the memo, however, and continue to eat their poop into adulthood.

They Just Like Poop

I know. I know. It’s gross to think about, but your dog may be eating poop because he likes it. Dog’s will eat anything that smells good to them. For whatever reason, dogs think poop smells and tastes great.

If none of the other factors affect your dog, then he may simply enjoy eating poop. Yuck.

Pineapple for Poop Eaters

So how do you stop your dog from eating poop? Surprisingly, small amounts of pineapple can help! This section will explain how pineapple helps, how much pineapple to give to your dog, and some other benefits of feeding your dog pineapple.

How Pineapple Helps

So how does pineapple stop such gross behavior? Pineapples create an unappealing smell and taste in your dog’s poop. For whatever reason, poop can smell and taste great to dogs.

Dogs experience cravings more through their nose than through their mouth. That means if something smells good, then they want to eat it. Adding a bit of pineapple to your dog’s diet will ruin the smell of poop for him.

Furthermore, coprophagia is linked to a vitamin B1 deficiency. Pineapple is full of B1, giving your dog the vitamin he may be craving the most.

How Much Pineapple Is Necessary

Since pineapple is high in sugar, you should not make this a staple in your dog’s diet. Start by cutting a pineapple into small chunks. Set aside about half a dozen or so pieces for your dog.

Feed these chunks to him throughout the day as treats, not as a meal itself. You can also use canned pineapple or small amounts of pineapple juice.

Feeding your dog a few chunks of pineapple a few times a week should be enough to stop your dog from eating poop. However, dogs who have had this habit for years will be harder to break.

Other Benefits of Pineapple

You may want to continue treating your dog to pineapple after fixing his poop-eating issue. Pineapples have all sorts of vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to remain healthy.

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Pineapples are 82% water, meaning it is an excellent way to keep your dog hydrated (other than water, of course). Pineapples also contain antioxidants that help repair damaged cells. Vitamins C and B6 are also found in pineapples and help your dog’s immune system and brain.

With all of these benefits, you can make pineapple a regular snack for your dog.

Pineapple May Be Your Best Solution

There are many reasons why your dog is eating poop. If you can’t figure out why your dog is doing this, or the cause is hard to cure, then pineapple may be the solution. Pineapple is a delicious and healthy snack that deters your dog from eating his poop by making it smell and taste horrible. It also provides him with essential vitamins he may be craving.

If coprophagia is a recurring problem with your dog, give him a few chunks of pineapple as a snack. Doing this a couple of times per week should break this disgusting habit in no time.

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