Does Coconut Oil Help With Bad Dog Breath?

Coconut oil can do wonders for a dog’s bad breath. Not only will coconut oil fight the odor-causing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, but it will also protect their oral health by fighting against plaque build-up, tooth decay, and gum disease, all of which can lead to bad breath.

Coconut Oil For Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Bad breath is commonly caused by unhealthy bacteria, so coconut oil is the perfect remedy. Coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. These properties fight the odor-causing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, destroying that rancid odor and replacing it with the pleasant, nutty smell of coconut.

Coconut oil fights not only bacteria but also plaque build-up and gum disease. It even helps prevent tooth decay which prevents bad breath from coming back. Plaque and tooth decay cause more problems than just bad breath, so your dog’s overall oral hygiene will improve with coconut oil.

How to Add Coconut Oil To Your Dogs Diet

Now that you know how wonderful coconut oil is for your dog’s oral health, how do you add it to his diet? 

The simplest way is by adding a teaspoon to your dog’s food each day. You can also use it as toothpaste. Instead of using regular dog toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth, put some coconut oil on the brush. 

The great thing about coconut oil is that it tastes delicious. Pets love the sweet taste of coconut. Therefore, using coconut oil while brushing their teeth can seem more like a treat than a bad breath cure.

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Other Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an incredible product that is used for so much more than just your dog’s oral health. 

It can heal your dog’s various skin problems, including dry skin, itchy skin, infections, dry paw pads, and cracked noses. You can also put small amounts on your dog’s fur to make it extra shiny.

Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your dog’s food every day can improve his digestion, immune system, and cognitive function.

The antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties of coconut oil also help fight allergies or sinus issues. Coconut oil is an excellent treatment for bronchitis in dogs. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties help soothe the inflammation of the bronchial airways and fight bacteria that cause bronchitis in the first place.

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