Can I Put Baby Powder On My Dog? [& How to Apply The Powder]

CareCan I Put Baby Powder On My Dog?

You can put baby powder on your dog as long as it’s not talcum powder based. Baby powder has many great uses for dogs, but is primarily used as a flea deterrent and a way to freshen up a dog’s fur. 

Your dog is like family, and you always want to treat them like family. This includes caring for their health and hygiene. 

Dogs are loyal, loving, and always up for an adventure. Often, though, their love for adventure can lead to them getting dirty and smelly. 

Although it’s good to give them a quick bath and make sure they’re free of any fleas or ticks, sometimes that’s not enough to get rid of the odor. 

One option that many claim works is baby powder. But is it truly safe for your dog? And how effective is it?

Baby Powder Basics

To figure out if you can put baby powder on your dog, it’s important to know what baby powder is. 

Baby powder is considered an astringent powder, which means it works to shrink and constrict body tissue. 

It’s mostly used for babies to prevent diaper rash, but also has specific cosmetic uses, such as face powder or dry shampoo. 

Baby powder can also prevent chafing, deodorize shoes or remove sand after a day at the beach. It can even be used as a cleaning product to remove grease.

Baby powder is typically made up of talcum powder or cornstarch but can be made of other ingredients such as arrowroot. 

Talcum powder is made of talc, a mineral that can absorb moisture. Talcum powder can be dangerous if inhaled and may lead to aspiration pneumonia or other issues. Some studies even link talc to cancer.

Is Baby Powder Safe for My Dog?

Although many treatments are totally safe for humans but not suitable for dogs, baby powder is not one of them. 

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In fact, baby powder is completely safe for most dogs. There are certain precautions to take, such as making sure you are not using a talcum powder-based baby powder. 

Baby powder is safe for dogs due to its natural ingredients and lack of harsh chemicals like many other products on the market. 

Because it is originally made for infants and babies, the ingredients are gentle and non-toxic, making them suitable for your favorite furry friend.

Uses of Baby Powder for Dogs

Baby powder for dogs, like for humans, has multiple purposes. The most popular uses of baby powder for dogs is flea deterrent or freshening your dog’s smell in between baths or grooming.  

Flea Medication

The first use of baby powder on dogs is as an alternative to flea medications. 

While most flea-killing products are safe to use on your dog, many dog-owners are worried about unnecessary and harsh chemicals. 

Some dogs have sensitive skin that may react badly to flea medication topicals, or perhaps your pup is just too young to use one of the more popular options. 

If a flea infestation causes excessive scratching, chemicals in flea medication could irritate any wounds. 

Regardless of why you don’t want to use over-the-counter or medicated flea products, baby powder is a viable and natural alternative to other flea products. 

Baby powder works to kill an already-present flea infestation, so it shouldn’t be used as a flea-prevention product. 

It works by smothering the fleas, killing them naturally by suffocation. This also means that you can put baby powder on furniture you can’t wash to kill any fleas your dog has spread elsewhere in your home. 

Freshen Their Fur

The second most popular use of baby powder for dogs is to help freshen and keep their coat clean between washes. 

Experts suggest that washing your dog too frequently can have downsides, including skin irritation, hair follicle damage, and an increased risk of fungal or bacterial infections. 

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Bathing your pup too often may also lead to dry skin, which will cause itching and irritation.

However, just because you shouldn’t bathe your dog frequently doesn’t mean your dog’s coat will stay clean in between washes. 

Dogs’ natural curiosity and love for the outdoors often leads to them getting dirty and often smelly. 

It’s important to note that a bath is probably needed if your dog is especially dirty or smelly. Baby powder is not an alternative to baths; it is simply a way to keep them fresh between washes. 

While there are other options out there to help keep your dog clean between baths, baby powder is an all-natural option that can work wonders. 

It will mask many unwanted smells your dog may carry, but it also conditions their fur to keep it shiny and healthy. 

Applying baby powder to your dog’s fur about once a week in between washes will help your dog stay healthy, happy, and clean.

How to Apply Baby Powder for Dogs

When applying the baby powder to your dog, be careful you don’t leave particles hanging in the air your dog can inhale as inhaling baby powder can be dangerous for dogs. 

To begin, stand far enough away from your dog so the powder doesn’t end up in their eyes, nose, or around its mouth. 

Put a small amount on your hands or use gloves to apply. Rub the powder around to coat your hands, and then run your hands all over your dog, getting deep into their fur. Make sure all of their fur gets covered, even if it takes a few different rub-downs. 

Make sure the powder is thoroughly rubbed in and none is showing. If you feel you’ve used too much, use a brush or damped rag to get some out.

If you don’t want to use your hands, you can use a rag and rub it over your dog just as you would with your hands. Let the powder sit for ten minutes.

If you’re using baby powder for flea removal, use a flea comb to remove the fleas and then give your dog a bath to ensure all the powder is removed.

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Risks of Using Baby Powder

Although baby powder is safe, there are risks associated with its use that you should be cautious of if you choose to use it.

Even though baby powder is an excellent alternative for dogs with sensitive skin, powders can be irritating for dogs with allergies or respiratory issues. Always stand far enough away from your dog when applying the powder so you don’t get any in your dog’s face. 

Always get unscented baby powder. Scented powder not only contains unnecessary ingredients, but may irritate your dogs skin. 

It’s worth mentioning again that talcum-based baby powders are toxic to both humans and dogs and are linked to cancer and other health issues. 

Although you shouldn’t let your dog ingest any type of baby powder, call your veterinarian immediately if your dog ingests talcum-based powder. 

If you use it too often, baby powder may dry out your dog’s fur. Limit the use to once a week.

It’s Ok to Use Baby Powder on Your Dog

Baby powder has several uses for humans, from cosmetic purposes to preventing diaper rash. Because it’s originally made for babies, it’s a gentle and all-natural product that can be used for dogs. 

Baby powder can be used on your dog to help keep their coat clean in between washes or used as an alternative to flea medication. 

Always buy baby powder that does not contain talcum, as it can cause health issues. Consult with your veterinarian before starting any new regiment with your pooch.

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