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23 Adorable Miniature Schnauzer Haircuts

Miniature schnauzers are beloved for their spunky personalities and distinctive schnauzer look with a bearded snout and arched eyebrows.

While their natural wiry coats are charming, groomers can get creative by sculpting these lively pups into some truly adorable ‘dos.

From puppy cuts that highlight their big eyes to whimsical pom-pom trims, miniature schnauzer haircuts allow these dogs’ fun-loving spirits to shine through.

Get ready to say “Oooh” and “Ahh” as you scroll through this collection of 23 precious miniature schnauzer grooming styles that are both practical and utterly delightful.

23. Furry Legs

Image from Instagram:@alfie.the.schnauzer

This haircut is the ideal choice for giving your Schnauzer a sophisticated appearance from head to tail, while maintaining a stylish look from the upper legs down to the hind legs.

To accomplish this style, trim the body hair short, while leaving the hair on the legs at a longer length to create a fluffy texture. Maintain the Schnauzer’s signature long mustache and medium-length eyebrows for a touch of sassy flair.

22. Teddy Bear Cut

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

This adorable haircut can be styled either long or short. The teddy bear Schnauzer cut maintains a uniform coat length, except for the face, which is trimmed in a rounder shape to achieve a cuddly teddy bear appearance.

No shaving is required; instead, the hair on the ears is trimmed, and the signature eyebrows are kept shorter to accentuate the roundness of the eyes. To enhance the huggable look, the long mustache is replaced with a shorter one.

21. Fluffy

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

The fluffy hairstyle is an ideal choice during the cooler months. For an added touch of flair, you can trim the upper legs shorter and maintain a fluffier length on the lower parts. To enhance your dog’s shaggy appearance, keep the mustache at a shorter to medium length, giving it a fanned-out look.

Remember to comb or brush the fur more frequently than usual to prevent matting, particularly in areas like the armpits and behind the ears.

20. Medium Trim

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

For those seeking a long yet manageable hairstyle for their Schnauzer, the medium trim is the perfect choice for your furry companion. You can use either scissors or a shaver to trim the body hair to a medium length, while leaving the hair on the chest, legs, and tail longer.

To achieve a dapper appearance, you can maintain the mustache and eyebrows at a longer length.

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19. Short Trim Or Summer Cut

Image from Instagram:@wally_minischnauzer

For those residing in tropical countries, the risk of overheating is heightened. Therefore, opting for a summer cut could be an ideal solution. This entails clipping the dog’s hair all over, including the ears, legs, chest, and head. To maintain the Schnauzer’s signature look, you can trim the mustache while leaving a bit of length.

Owners of outdoor-loving Schnauzers can benefit from this hairstyle as it reduces grooming time by more than half.

18. With Long Side Bangs

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

This chic hairstyle is truly one-of-a-kind, guaranteed to turn heads as your Schnauzer sashays its long, side-swept bangs on the ‘runway.’

To achieve this look, trim the mustache to a medium length. You can also trim the eyebrows shorter to emphasize the long bangs. A touch of dog hair gel can be applied to the bangs for added style. For the body, you have the option to choose the desired length.

17. Eyebrows

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

One of the iconic features of a Schnauzer is its long eyebrows. While you may opt to keep them long, it can affect your pet’s vision. As an alternative, you can trim just a small amount to allow those cute little eyes to stand out more prominently. However, if you desire an added flair, you can trim the eyebrows into a triangular shape and allow them to droop down over the eyes.

To trim the eyebrows and prevent dirt from getting into your Schnauzer’s eyes, curved scissors can be a useful tool.

16. Facial Haircut

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

The clean facial haircut is the ideal choice for dog owners who prefer a simple hairstyle for their Schnauzers. With this style, the dog’s face is shaved clean, including the eyebrows, while the mustache is trimmed to a shorter length.

This type of haircut is becoming increasingly popular as it is low-maintenance and gives the Schnauzer a tidier appearance.

15. Fur Boots

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

For those seeking a stylish look, allowing your Schnauzer to ‘wear’ furry boots is a fashionable choice. This involves shaving the entire body while keeping the hair on the legs at a longer length, creating the appearance of your dog wearing high boots.

However, the maintenance required for this haircut can be quite demanding. You’ll need to brush the legs more frequently to prevent matting from occurring.

14. Long Mustache

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

Schnauzers are known for their furry muzzles, which allows them to grow distinctive mustaches. You can let the mustache grow long, but maintain a neat appearance by combing it regularly.

However, if your Schnauzer tends to be a messy eater, you may want to trim the mustache to a medium length for a fresher and cleaner look.

13. Baby Cut

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

This haircut is ideal not just for puppies but also for active adult dogs. It minimizes shedding and is a low-maintenance cut.

To achieve this look, shave the hair all over, leaving approximately an inch or two in length. The resulting effect will be a neat and wavy appearance, reminiscent of baby dogs. However, if you prefer your dog to have a more mature look, you can maintain the mustache at a medium length.

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12. Mohawk

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

For an eye-catching and trendy haircut, consider a Mohawk for your Schnauzer. This look is achieved by shaving the face and body completely, while leaving a narrow strip of spiky hair on top of the head. If desired, you can even extend this narrow strip of hair down the neck and back.

To enhance the spunky appearance, you can apply some dog-safe hair gel to help those hair strands stand up even more.

11. Curly Fur

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

This cut accentuates the Schnauzer’s naturally curly and wiry hair texture. Also known as the Au Natural cut, the hair is allowed to grow in its natural state with minimal trimming around the eyes and face to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Frequent brushing is necessary for this cut to prevent excessive matting from occurring.

10. Long Muzzle With Long Eyebrows

Image from Instagram:@schnauzer_fc

This style maintains a long, hanging muzzle hair, while the hair above the eyes is trimmed into a triangular shape, creating a fuzzy eyebrow appearance. The inner eyebrows are kept long and taper towards the nose, while the outer ends are trimmed shorter.

The top of the head is trimmed short, and the body, neck, and leg hair are clipped close to the body.

9. Straight Muzzle Hair

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

This cut highlights the length and thickness of the muzzle hair. The hair on top of the head and around the ears is kept very short, providing a contrast to the fullness of the muzzle.

Similarly, the eyebrows are trimmed short, as well as the hair on the neck, body, and legs, to complete the look.

8. Gliding Haircut

Image from Gliding Haircut

While Schnauzers have a wiry coat, it is possible to achieve a style similar to a Shih Tzu haircut with flowing long body hair. However, this style will require more maintenance on a Schnauzer and will not have the same silky appearance. This look is best suited for a Miniature Schnauzer, giving the impression of floating or gliding while walking.

The cut is comparable to a Traditional Cut, except the body fur is left to fall all the way down to the feet.

7. Clipped Head And Neck

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

This cut is another option to help your Schnauzer beat the heat during summer months, thanks to its exposed neck area. The top of the head, ears, sides of the face, and neck are clipped short, while the lower chest, body, and leg hair are maintained at a medium length. The muzzle hair and eyebrows are also kept trimmed short.

6. Fluffy Ears And Body

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

This cut is almost similar to the Clipped Head and Neck style, except for the ears, where the hair is kept naturally long to achieve a fluffy appearance. The hair on the top of the head and neck is clipped short, while the body hair is maintained long and curly. The muzzle is trimmed into a rounded shape, and the eyebrows are moderately trimmed as well.

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5. Shaved Body With Mustache

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

This style places great emphasis on the long mustache Schnauzers are known for. The entire body is clipped short from head to toe except for the snout hairs, and the eyebrows are kept somewhat short to focus on the length of the beard.

As with all shaved cuts, coat maintenance will be fairly easy and perfect for warmer months or tropical climates.

4. The Traditional Cut

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

With the Traditional Cut, the beard and eyebrows are left long, and the hair on the body and head is trimmed short. This styling is how most people would picture a Schnauzer.

The hair around the side of the face, top of the head, and neck are cut short, as well as, around the belly, back, and tail. The leg hairs are layered and kept a bit longer, with the paws rounded a bit.

3. Asian Fusion

Image from Instagram:@thesnazzyschnauzer

This cut originated from Japan and South Korea, wherein the facial hair is shaped into a smooth rounded shape or circle. The legs are trimmed to look like bell-bottomed pants, with the body trimmed short.

The goal is to make a Schnauzer look like a young puppy no matter the age, which makes this cut ideal for the Miniature Schnauzer. To notch up the cute factor, the dog is often adorned with a colorful ribbon or ornament.

2. Extra Long Bangs

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

To achieve this look, the hair on the lower part of the head above the eyes is kept longer to blend nicely with the eyebrows. The top of the head is kept short to emphasize the length of the bangs. Since the cute cut covers the eyes, make sure that it is not bothering the vision of the Schnauzer or irritating its eyes.

1. Full Body Shave

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerworld

Also called the Kennel Clip, this cut keeps the hair short all over the body. The hair on the face, legs, belly, back, and tail, is cut half an inch in length or closer to the skin. Some level of bushiness in the eyebrows is maintained while the snout hairs are rounded.

This cut is perfect for warmer climates and also for owners who do not want the extra fuss of the coat’s daily maintenance.

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